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Free Private Training

Ditch the Traditional Way to Manage Your Money

Great news! There's an easier way to grow your bank account without getting "useless" financial statements in your inbox.

On March 15, 2021

at 3pm EST, I'm uncovering the real reasons you're struggling:

  • translate your revenue into cash in the bank even though you're making sales

  • manage your cash flow in a way that doesn't require you to burnout

  • take control of your money to improve your bottom line

Conquering Coins Consistently is a private training where you'll learn:

The key metrics you should be tracking to better understand how your current and future efforts, offers, and operation contribute to your ability to reach your goals 

The things you'll need to outline in your financial plan to hit your goals consistently and how to protect your progress

Why allocating your earnings help to build a lifestyle that doesn't require you to sacrifice the reason you went into business.

Meet Coach Dreek

Hey there, I'm Dreek! A business money manager who teaches women how to use financial analytics as a means for building a financially thriving business and living life on their terms. 


I've spent 8+ years in money management roles in both Corporate America and the non-profit sector. From financial analysis to accounting to financial coaching, I've done a lot! And because of my experience, my approach to financial management and building a profitable business is different.


The reason tracking your income and spending hasn't made a significant impact on your growth is because bookkeeping takes a historical approach to your money efforts vs. a contemporary or futuristic approach to building a cash heavy business.

1. Gain clarity in your numbers. Learn how the resources (your time, your energy, your money) you invest in your business, your capacity to serve clients, and your level of risk attribute to your ability to produce a return based on your output. Making a profit and being profitable are not the same.

2. Create a financial and protection plan. Outline the exact strategies you'll use to meet your business and revenue goals and how you'll protect your plan in the process. There is nothing worst than taking a "L" for something that could have been prevented.

3. Build a system for optimization. Learn to make, spend, and use money to grow and scale your business in the most effective and efficient way possible. Stop forgetting about taxes.

Now is the time to:

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