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Your Coins?

Get Stress Free, Money Generating, Financial Sustainability

Sis, It's Time To Get Your Life & Grow Your Business

Despite what you think, taking care of your finances from the inside out doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. 


What if I told you, you can maximize your dollars, obtain a clear financial strategy, and tie your business goals back to hard data?


This entrepreneurship thing - it has been a blessing for you, hard work and all but sales can only get you so far. 


After you’ve established your sales strategy, money-generating without a clear-cut plan for sustainability will leave you scrambling to make more, resulting in burnout and overwhelm.


AND who wants that? 

Let Me Know If I Got This Right...


You’ve created your business, established an offer, and serve incredible customers BUT


The money side of things is in shambles. It’s almost embarrassing because you don’t have a way to keep up with what’s going on with your spending and income or have a strategy to create sustainable money practices. 


Quarterly tax payments are due and you’re frantically trying to determine what you owe, so you end up paying more in penalties come tax time…or worse, not paying taxes at all.


Or, you need a vacation/want to hire help but you’ve been spending and using money in ways that haven’t produced a return and you’re stuck DIYing your business operations.


Now, you're stressed out because the money you’re making isn’t attributing to the goals you’ve set. So, you’re left wondering if it’s time to raise your prices or change your offer all together so that your business can finally create your desired life. 


That is why you started this entrepreneurial journey anyway, right? 


…. To live life the way YOU desire. 

Friend, I’m Coach Dreek and I Use Financial Management to Help Female Entrepreneurs Establish Sustainable Money Practices to Build Financially Thriving Businesses.

I was talking to my coach one day when I realized entrepreneurs needed a Group VIP Week with me!


Yes! We’re going into ALL the details surrounding your beliefs and efforts for making, spending and using money to grow your business. I’m even going to set you up with automated finances in QuickBooks and teach you how to leverage your financial data to make decisions that propel your business forward. Plus, we’ll create your step-by-step process designed to help you kick fear and confusion aside and walk into entrepreneurial greatness. 


All of the money beliefs that keep you from making the revenue you desire – identified and addressed

All of the efforts put forth to build your business – aligned and producing fruit

All of the confusion around the role money plays in your business – established and automated

“Ok, What Else is Included?”


  • Money mindset & character-building training to re-ignite your passion

  • Money goal planning and alignment to provide clarity and direction

  • Annual profit projections to reveal what’s possible

  • 2021 budget building to maximize your money efforts

  • Learn your numbers and how money moves within your business

  • Automated rules in QuickBooks to save you time & coins on monthly bookkeeping

  • Plus, 15+ hours of group coaching

After working with incredible clients to create sustainable financial plans that align with their biggest desire, I knew I had to keep going and offer this service as a group coaching opportunity to help more women build their dream. 


Believing in your abilities, keeping track of your numbers, and building sustainable money practices is CRUCIAL.


Either you make strides toward financial freedom and aligning every effort to your bank account…




You find yourself confused, stuck, and frustrated doing it all yourself and watching from the side lines as others live out your dreams.

Past Conquerors Know What I’m Talkin’ About 


After signing up for the VIP Week, your mindset will be shifted, your confusion turned to clarity, QuickBooks will be automated, and BEST of all? 


You’ll finally have Conquered Your Coins! 


Can you afford to miss this wealth of knowledge?


Imagine coming from VIP Week to serene peace, knowing exactly how your efforts contribute to the success of your goals, that your money is flowing in all the correct areas. No more worrying about if taking a vacation is feasible, about how you’ll hire the help you need, or if your efforts will sustain you in the uncertainty that lies ahead.


This 5-Day Intensive is going to be a game-changer in your business.




Sign up by November 23rd and get these exclusive bonuses: 


  • Revenue Optimization Strategy Builder

  • Conquer Your Coins Program Workbook 

  • 90 Minute Post-program 1-on-1 Session


Join me for $997 and get $100 off 




Pay in 2 installments of $498.50


Either way after securing your spot for VIP Week, you’ll be on your way to prosperity, clarity, and a once in a lifetime experience.


It’s time to live out your desires!