Who is Coach Dreek?

Financial Strategist | Accountant | Money Manager

Hey there, I'm Dreek! A finance expert who teaches women how to use financial analytics as a means for building a financially thriving business and living life on their terms.

I am an ex-corporate accountant with 8+ years working in the money management industry. My time in the market place was spent in the non-profit sector, analyzing and managing the data of million dollar fundraising campaigns as well as in accounting and finance for a multi-billion dollar healthcare provider.


From financial analysis to financial coaching, I've done a lot! And because of my experience, my approach to financial management and building a profitable business to generate wealth is different.

As the founder and CEO of Conquer Your Coins and the Conquered Experience, I empower female business leaders to take control of their coins by teaching them the critical and analytic skills they need to make money work for them.

I specialize in financial and data analysis where I uses facts as the driving force for making money decisions in business.


I believe that the reason we collectively do worse than our male counterparts is because we allow our emotions to control our action vs. using logic to run our businesses. We'd rather wear all the hats because we "feel" we can do it, rather than to hire the help we need to stay tapped into our zone of genius.

NUMBERS DON'T LIE! Operating from a place of factual insight instead of feelings or emotion is what's keeping your from using your business as the primary means for making and keeping more of your hard earned dollars to ultimately build wealth for you and your family.

Let's end the cycle, together!

Xo, Dreek